Rashelle Cohen Optometry

Rashelle Cohen
BSc Optom, B Mus (Melb)

Rashelle Cohen

Rashelle Cohen offers personalised service with care and attention to detail. She is passionate about treating the cause of visual problems that may cause eye strain.

She is a neurodevelopmental optometrist with over 30 years of experience. She has worked as a tutor at the Victorian College of Optometry, clinician at the Low Vision Institute and at the International Diabetes Institute.

She joined the Caulfield Family Medical Practice in 2010, and offers full optometric care for children and adults. She is very active in paediatric optometry, learning-related visual assessment and treatments, traumatic brain injury, contact lenses , myopia control, dry-eye assessment and treatment. Rashelle shares her knowledge by presenting widely to optometric, early intervention, educational, medical, allied health and parent groups Australia wide.

Call us on (03) 9528 1910 to book an Appointment with Rashelle Cohen

Services Offered

  • Full range of prescription lenses, spectacle frames and contact lenses on-site

  • Children’s vision assessment and care

  • Myopia control (prevent progression of short-sightedness)

  • Ortho-K (overnight contact lens worn to avoid need for daytime use)

  • Visual processing and oculomotor assessment

  • Vision therapy (eye exercises help with visual processing and binocular vision)

  • Dry eye assessment and treatment

  • Care for people with diabetes

  • Neuro-rehabilitation post stroke or brain injury

  • Retinal photography

  • Vision field testing

  • Driver licence assessments

  • Credentialed Civil Aviation Safety (CASA) Optometrist