Dr Stephen Dudakov (GP)

Stephen graduated from Monash University and has only worked in small medical clinics where the focus is on patient care. He will take whatever time is required to address the issues at hand.

For over 40 years he worked as a solo practitioner and was delighted to join the Caulfield Family Medical Practice  in 2012 where the same values are shared.

He has a special interest in;

1)   Mental Health Issues.

Stephen has a Clinical Qualification Certificate in Resource Therapy
(Advanced Ego State Therapy), and can treat anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders,
OCT, depression, etc., through this powerful psychodynamic therapy without medicines which
are only ever used as a last resort or in extreme cases.

2)   Weight Loss.

Stephen has vast experience in weight loss, having founded the “Moreland
Weight Reduction Clinic” in 1982. He uses a no medicine approach to help people achieve their
goals with diet (Anti-Insulin), and if needed can also address underlying emotional triggers that
cause eating with Resource Therapy.

3)   Diabetes.

This dietary disease can be controlled by diet alone with the right education which
Stephen thoroughly enjoys sharing with patients. His greatest joy is seeing patients lower or
cease their medicines as they learn to control their disease.